Ghadr double wall pipes manufacturing company

At present, this company is one of the pioneers in the production of corrugated pipes in Iran and one of the largest and leading companies producing double-walled polyethylene pipes in the Middle East, which has modern European machinery and the use of accumulated knowledge and efficient manpower. Specialist, with a nominal annual production capacity of 29,000 tons of double-walled corrugated pipes in the form of 5 production lines in different sizes and diameters from 200 mm to 1000 mm, is being produced and operated in Kaveh Industrial City, located in Saveh. It should be noted that having a suitable geography of the factory location allows fast and convenient transportation for customers.

The irreplaceable role and brilliant history of Ghadr Company in meeting the needs of the country’s water and sewage industry in a timely manner, serious efforts to maintain the quality of products and compliance with the necessary standards, the company’s name in the water and sewage industry of the country and region, turned into a brilliant and reliable brand has done.

Advantages of corrugated pipes

  1. Non-fouling, due to the polished inner surface of the pipe

  2. Resistant to 50 ° C and insoluble against all organic solvents

  3. Resistant to corrosive substances (acids, salts and bases) and microorganisms

  4. UV resistant due to the use of materials (Anti-uv)

  5. Resistant to attack by rodents and microorganisms, due to lack of nutritional value

  6. Ease of quick installation and execution of brokerage

  7. Good load tolerance

  8. Easy shipping

  9. Tolerance to extreme cold and heat

  10. Ability to use a variety of connections

  11. Good hydraulic properties of the pipe due to having smooth inner surfaces

  12. Very good wear resistance, tolerance to traffic load

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The technology used in the production lines of Ghadr Double Glazed Pipes Company is from Germany and our products have distinctive features from other manufacturers.

Laboratory services for polyethylene pipes and fittings


The laboratory of Ghadr Double Wall Pipes Manufacturing Company is one of the best equipped laboratories in the polyethylene pipe and fittings industry in Iran. This laboratory is equipped with modern measuring and testing devices (polyethylene pipes) and tests all products and raw materials in accordance with the standards and can be a reliable reference for quality decision making of double-walled pipes. It is noteworthy that the laboratory has a standard of 17025, which indicates the calibration of equipment and standardization of instruments, and confirms the competence of the laboratory to test products and the accuracy of the results obtained. The production of polyethylene pipe should be under the supervision of the laboratory and quality control unit so that the final pipe is of high quality and can be serviced at the project site with the highest standards in pipe production.

Ghadr double-walled laboratory has been operating in the field of testing pipes, fittings and polyethylene raw materials for about 2 decades and has the standard quality management certificate of ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory from the National Certification Center of Iran.

Ghadr Company’s laboratory provides a wide range of services to domestic and foreign customers with the most accurate and advanced European equipment and capable personnel and experts in the field of polymer.

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